It’s official! Matchstick Marvels will be taking you Back to the Future in 2023!

Come along with Patrick Acton as he journeys Back to the Future to see Hill Valley, CA, in the year 1955. Made exclusively of wooden matchsticks, you’ll see Doc Brown, who invented the Flux Capacitor, as he helps Marty McFly return to 1985 in Doc’s DeLorean time machine. The quintessential Clock Tower building & park square will be featured prominently in Acton’s new diorama of the Hill Valley downtown area. You will see the DeLorean speed down Courthouse Square as Doc Brown avoids catastrophe atop the Clock Tower while racing to harness the storm’s lightning and its 1.21 gigawatts of electricity needed to power Marty…

How could you go wrong with this scene considering the town square features the diner/soda fountain, Texaco gas station, the Clock Tower, a myriad of store facades, skateboarding, movie theater, the modified DeLorean, Biff’s convertible, and a truck hauling manure. Add a massive thunderstorm with lightning, incorporate the lights and sounds of the clock, the storm, the Chordettes singing Sandman… AND Doc Brown screaming. Voilà! The perfect matchstick scene!

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