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International Space Station



Construction of the International Space Station (ISS) model is complete, requiring 8 gallons of wood glue, 282,000 matchsticks and 1950 hours to complete.  In addition to the 1/26 scaled model of the completed ISS, two additional space station modules have been made in a 1/13 scale and have cutaway sections to show the inside details of the astronauts and cosmonauts living quarters.  Cutaway models of the Russian Zvezda module and the European Space Agency's ATV cargo transport will be displayed separately as floor models, while the matchstick model of the completed ISS can be seen suspended from the ceiling of the exhibit area.




Below are pictures taken during the construction of the matchstick Zvezda and ATV cutaway modules:


Pictures taken during construction of the space shuttle Atlantis:



Work is now completed on the living and working quarters of the ISS:



Construction starts on the truss sections that support the huge solar panels and radiators:



Current configuration of the ISS.  (Picture of the ISS taken from Space Shuttle Atlantis)

ISS Configuration